Thursday, 15 March 2018

Mixed Media YouTube hop + Giveaway!!!

Hello friends and welcome to the March mixed media madness YouTube hop. We hope to inspire you with all of or projects and different styles and techniques. If you do create something inspired by this hop please tag us so we can see. Please share this event and be sure to visit each channel.
YouTube hop line-up

 Друзья, всем привет и добро пожаловать на наш March mixed media madness YouTube hop. Мы надеемся вдохновить вас нашими работами, разными стилями и техниками. Если вы сделаете что-то, вдохновившись нами, то отметьте нас и мы сможем это увидеть. Пожалуйста, поделитесь этим событием и загляните к нам на каналы:

Katja Joulak Krankkala -

Kasia Bogatko-Skoczypiec -

Mallika Kejriwal Bagaria -

Martina Stoycheva -
Tiffany Solorio -
Sanda Reynolds -

Lanette Erickson. -

Make sure to visit all YouTube channels and subscribe. Then leave a comment under my video. Among all comments under my video I will do a little Giveaway.
I will publish the winner name here on my blog at 23.03.18

Убедитесь, что вы заглянули ко всем и подписались. Среди тех, кто оставит комментарии под моим видео я разыграю маленькую конфетку. Имя счастливчика я опубликую в блоге 23.03.2018

My video

Моё видео


  1. Потрясающий холст, такая многослойность)

  2. Какой вкусный подарочек! =)

  3. Hello Nadya
    I keep watching your video tutorials and projects on the blog. I really am amazed with the kind of projects you come up with. The pocket watch in the center of your altered notebook is really the colors you used. Thank you for sharing this with us....the giveaway is also very generous. It would feel awesome to win it...
    VREnchanted Color, Craft and more...

  4. Шикарная обложка !!! Когда вы все успеваете ?)))))) Надя а я правильно поняла что ткань вы сверху приклеили и все? Внутрь она не заходит ?


  5. always very pretty, I love your job. tony

  6. Очень интересный мк и потрясающая работа.

  7. Beautiful project. I Love your work

  8. Such an amazing and inspirational project, love it!

  9. а я и так слежу на Ютубе за твоим творчеством,я ж еще и там подписалась! )))) но от такого количества шедевральных работ аж дух захватывает!

  10. Amazing job and very inspirative

  11. Очень красивая фактурная работа

  12. Thank you, Nadya, for including English on your blog and YT videos. I enjoyed your video immensely! It is filled with inspiration that feels like a project I could create...or at least attempt to. I left a comment under your video with a question about one of the materials you used. Please let me know what kind of cloth you used around the spine of your book. Did you make that book? If so, please make a tutorial for how to make one with that kind of spine. I would appreciate it. Thank you again for your inspiration!

  13. Loved your video and the hop

  14. Another amazing work Nadya! Thank you for sharing!

  15. Hi Lovely!!
    I really adore your creations and always love to watch your magical projects on facebook as well as on Instagram. Following you from the start of my creative journey. You are so creative and kind my lovely. I love the tutorial so much. What an awesome journal cover. I am planning to make something like this for my sweet sister. I will do a small project for my first attempt with these colors. Using brown, gold, and purple sounds wonderful, actually I don't own these Impasto pastes, so don't know how awesome they are, but I am planning to buy some my favorite shades. I am feeling so Glad to share your creations on my social networks. Thank you so much for this so wonderful and generous giveaway, my sweetheart.
    Wishing you more success and keep creating these awesome projects to inspire all the crafters around the world.
    Stay Blessed!!

    Hugs and Kisses
    Dr Monika Tripathi Shukla

  16. Hey Sweetie!!
    Thank you so much for sharing such an awesome inspiration.
    Following you on all available social networks, my Friend.
    keeping my fingers crossed to win such a precious gift to treasure forever.
    I wish....

    Dr Monika Tripathi Shukla


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